The Crocus is a collaborative magazine by activists who enjoy exploring better paths in life. We celebrate diversity, demand equality, laud education, cherish vulnerability, promote opportunity, rejoice in the arts, respect science, enjoy sports, protect the environment, help enterprise, praise innovation, demand justice, promote health and believe social democracy is the best path for a fair, sustainable, and happy society.

The site promotes social democracy. As society is dynamic, social democracy must evolve; it cannot remain static; it must change to remain relevant. The type of change we must embrace is best accessed through seeking and listening with openness, diversity, and courage. We encourage the new, the radical, the daft, the apposite, the opposite, to challenge us and strengthen our understanding.

The crocus flower sends a green shoot through the hard late winter earth to blossom in the bright air above the snow. It is a harbinger of awakening, renewal, vitality,  growth, and abundance. The Crocus magazine proposes to do the same by examining, criticizing, and exploring all aspects of our world. We are based in Ireland, so our bias will be on Irish subjects but we are very aware of the world beyond our little island and very much wish to hear from it and speak to it.

The Crocus

We have launched in a time of massive worldwide upheaval. No doubt we will all experience pain, fear, and loss—no one will be spared and many will suffer much, much more than others. However, just as the crocus drives its shoots through the hard cold earth humanity will prevail. A new spring will inevitably come and society may emerge and blossom into a better, wiser, and more compassionate world.

Why have we categorised articles under the headings of Earth, Snow, and Sun? There are three main reasons:
1. to look at the world in a slightly different way
2. to encourage us to re-prioritise aspects of life
3. to break subjects out of their traditional stereotypes

We thought that the growth of the crocus provided a useful analogy for the complex world of humanity. The earth provides nutrients and water, the basic initial requirements for life. The Earth menu category would therefore include fundamental topics such as agriculture, science, health, and climate.

The sun equates to all the ultimate aims of life including art, education, philosophy, and exploration. While the earth is essential for the crocus to grow, the sun is essential for it to survive and that is the message we attempt to deliver in categorising articles under ‘Sun’.

Snow is the cold hard icy stuff we have to break through to live. While it is beautiful in its own way, if we get stuck in it we will perish. Politics, economics, infrastructure, and all the complex constructs of humanity and society are in this category. None are essential to life but they do provide a path to the Sun.

Many (possibly all) topics have elements in all three categories and we will arbitrarily assign an article to one or more categories and sub-categories as we see fit. We will be delighted to hear from you if you disagree with either content or classification. Please message us through the ‘Contact Us’ page. Your engagement will delight us.